The Top 8 Residential Electrical Contractors in Seattle 2024 (Ratings & Reviews)

Top electrical contractor residential in Seattle

If you Google ‘residential electrical contractors’ to fix an outlet or get a new main panel or car charger, you will have many companies to choose from.

And when those companies all claim to be Seattle’s #1 residential electrical contractor, how do you know which company is the right one for your project?

Naturally, we want to say Evergreen State Electrical Services (ESES) is the best provider in Puget Sound!   We think we’re pretty great and so do both Google 5-Star and the Better Business Bureau.  Our reviews are regularly amongst the highest in the industry and many of our customers can confirm this!

And while we would love the opportunity to help you out, that doesn’t automatically make us the best fit for you. Every contractor has their own niche within the industry.

Education About The Residential Electrical Industry

We are passionate about educating potential prospects and customers about the residential electrical industry to make sure they can find the right company for their needs.  We identified the top eight (8) residential electrical companies by size in our market area for you to research.  We spent hours investigating each company’s license history, online reviews, websites, services offered, BBB accreditation, and when they started business in the local area.  All so that you don’t have to!

All of these criteria are important when choosing a reputable company for you as a consumer. I’m sure you’re asking, “Why would you create this list and not put yourself on it?”  Whether you choose ESES or not, it is more important to us that you find the best company for your project.

These are the top eight (8) residential HVAC contractors in the Seattle/Bellevue/Everett area in which we serve listed alphabetically.


Eight Candidates (Alphabetically):

As You Wish Electric logo

As You Wish


  • Founded in 2006
  • Parent company: Live Wire Enterprises LLC
  • Principals: Micheal Porter & Sean Moncrief
  • Does EV chargers, knob & tube rewiring, SPAN smart panels, generators.

Construction License: None

Electrical License: ASYOUW925NM, General/Commercial 01

Office Location – 825 S. Stacy Street; Seattle 98134

BBB: A+ rating, no complaints, accredited member

Google: 9 of 5 for 1036 reviews

Yelp: 3 of 5 for 139 reviews

com: Has 22 ratings with an average overall quality of 52%

Beacon Electrical Logo

Beacon Electrical


  • Division of Beacon Plumbing & Mechanical HVAC)
  • Founded in 1999

Principals: Willaim & Patrick Cahill

Construction License: BEACOPM956KS

Electrical License: BEACOPM856P6; Residential 02

Office Location – 8611 S. 192nd Street; Kent 98031

BBB: A+ rating, has 36 reviews @ 1.92 of 5; 45 complaints in 3 years; 7 complaints in last 12 months, accredited member.

Google: 4 of 5 with 2000 reviews

Yelp: 5 of 5 for 1376 reviews

com: No ratings

Blue Flame Electrical logo

Blue Flame Electrical


  • Owned by ARS/Rescue Rooter since 2018 (Memphis, TN)
  • Founded locally in 1995.
  • Division of Blue Flame Heating, Air & Electric
  • Home electrical inspections for $79

Construction License: BLUEFFH825RM

Electrical License: BLUEFFH827RK; Residential 02

Office Location – 7116 – 220th Street SW; Mountlake Terrace 98043

BBB: (ARS Rescue Rooter parent company): A+ rating, has 2611 reviews @ 3.91 of 5; 1199 complaints in 3 years; 476 complaints in last 12 months, accredited member.

Google: 4 of 5 for 1,293 reviews

Yelp: 4 of 5 for 224 reviews

com: No ratings

Bel-Red Electric Service logoo

Bel-Red Electric Service


  • Founded in 1986 by Don Millard.
  • Division of Bel-Red Heating, Cooling & Plumbing LLC
  • Sold in 2022 to a new parent company Apex Service Partners (also goes by Gene Johnson), a firm out of Tampa, FL that owns many HVAC contractors in the US.
  • Apex employee Lane Wood is local President.
  • Part of the Home Advisor program, ‘Best of’ for five years running.

Construction License: BELREHL789CS

Electrical License: BELREHC777NP, General/Commercial 01

Office Location – 10733 47th Place W, Mukilteo (relocated from Eastside a while ago)

BBB: A+ rating, has 3 reviews @ 2.33 of 5; 8 complaints in 3 years; 4 complaints in last 12 months, accredited member.

Google: 8 of 5 with 2941 reviews

Yelp: 6 of 5 with 346 reviews

com: Has 45 ratings with an average overall quality of 84%

logo for CM Heating & Cooling

CM Heating (CM Air Pros LLC)


  • Mechanical (HVAC) Contractor also
  • Founded in 1983. Was most recently managed and co-owned locally by John Giacomi before the recent sale.
  • Sold in 2022 to a new parent company Air Pros USA, a firm out of Hollywood, FL that owns a number of HVAC contractors around the US.
  • Air Pros employee Doug Perera is local President.

Construction License: CMAIRAP780NH

Electrical License: CMAIRAP780NH, General/Commercial 01

Office Location – 1500 Industry St, Everett (second location in Lynnwood)

BBB: A+, has 5 reviews @ 4.2 of 5; 4 complaints in 3 years, 3 complaints in 12 months, accredited member.

Google: 9 of 5 with 4613 reviews

Yelp: 3 of 5 with 160 reviews

com: No ratings

Eco Electric Plumbing logo

Eco Electric & Plumbing


  • Founded in 2011
  • Partners: Cory & Kristi Hesseltine (Mercer Island PO Box)
  • Also does plumbing and solar.
  • Has an Everett office also.

Construction License: ECOELEP823LD

Electrical License: ECOELE*842DN, General/Commercial 01

Office Location – 126 S. Spokane St; Seattle, 98134

BBB: A+ rating, has 3 reviews @ 3.67 of 5; 1 complaint in 5 years, none in 12 months, accredited member.

Google: 9 of 5 for 1132 reviews

Yelp: 2 of 5 for 82 reviews

com: No ratings

logo for Seatown Electric

SeaTown Electric


  • Division of SeaTown Electric Heating & Air
  • Founded in 2008 by Brandon Phillips.
  • Started as residential electrical only and grew into HVAC and plumbing.
  • Sold in 2023 to a new parent company Service Champions, a firm out of Brea, CA that owns a number of HVAC & electrical contractors around the US.

Construction License: SEATOEH821DG

Electrical License: SEATOEC860RB, Residential 02

Office Location – 4200 78th St SW, Mukilteo

BBB: Being updated with new ownership.

Google: 8 of 5 with 4672 reviews

Yelp: 0 of 5 with 440 reviews

com: No ratings

Southwest Electrical logo

Southwest Electric


  • Division of Southwest Plumbing & Water Heaters
  • Partner: Collin Hathaway (Founder of Flint Holdings)
  • Original Owner Bill Buckingham bought out by Flint Group in 2022. Flint Group is Seattle based and owns six residential home services businesses around the USA.

Construction License: SOUTHWP807OJ

Electrical License: SOUTHWPP783NJ, General/Commercial 01 since 2022

Office Location – 4150 Lind Ave SW, Renton 98057

BBB: NA, redirected to an Auto Alarm company in Irvine, CA

Google: 6 of 5 for 3861 reviews

Yelp: 2 of 5 for 788 reviews

com: Has 294 rating with a 50% approval in plumbing (not electrical)

Choosing The Right Residential Electrical Provider For You

We highlighted eight of the most popular residential contractors in the local area and stacked them up head-to-head based on permit totals, online reputation, and services offered. If you’re still worried about which one is right for you, we’ve put together a resource to describe what you should be looking for in a residential electrical provider.

A Little About Evergreen State Electrical Services (ESES)

After being in business since 1968, and locally owned by Russ & Pam Kimball since 1998, we would be remiss if we didn’t tell you Evergreen is a good fit for. While things like our 5.0 Google rating, and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau are important, that doesn’t tell you if you’re a good fit. You should consider Evergreen if you are looking for a company who:

  • Exceptional workmanship at a reasonable price.
  • Has the best warranty in the industry.
  • Will help you design the system to meet your exact needs.

Our goal is to help make your dreams a reality! Please reach out to us to discuss the process further. We can schedule a time for our electricians to visit your residence.  They will walk you through the process of designing and planning all the details that are needed to make your home comfortable!