Is Evergreen A Good Fit For Me?

Residential hvac service trucks

So, you have decided to replace or upgrade your residential HVAC system.  By now hopefully for have read our blog on How to Choose the Right Residential HVAC Contractor and we are hoping we ‘made the cut’ and are part of your final three or so candidates to do the work.

While in our 50 years we have performed over 10,000 residential replacements, we realize that we are not always the best fit for every project.  Our goal is helping customers find the best provider for themselves, a company of people they can trust and a price that meets their budget.  Our goal is to be transparent in this approach because we not only want to avoid wasting your time in meeting with us, but we also do not want to waste our time and resources creating a proposal that does not meet your needs.

This blog will cover the following:


What types of Products and Services does Evergreen Provide?:

We are a Trane Comfort Specialist and a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer.  These are the highest honors any residential HVAC contractor can have.  These two companies are also generally regarded as best in class by consumer reports for the Miches they provide.

All systems are sized based on the heat loss (gain) of your home and size of ductwork in your attic or crawl.  Included in the work are all permitting, removal of old equipment, new thermostat and controls, filtration (more on that later), and necessary supply and/or return air revisions.  We will make sure both venting and condensate removal have been optimized also, and that the electrical power to the unit is sufficient.  We make sure you are happy with the outdoor unit location, as long as it meets with your municipal code.

Gas Furnaces:

We install gas furnaces to replace your gas, oil, or electric forced air heating unit.

Air Conditioning:

We can add air conditioning to your gas furnace or replace your existing air conditioning system.

Heat Pumps:

Heat Pumps are very efficient and similar to air conditioners, but they also work in reverse (i.e., they both heat & cool).  We can replace your existing heat pump system or add a heat pump to your existing gas furnace (similar to how we would as an air conditioner).  They can fully replace your gas furnace with a new air handler along with the outdoor heat pump.

Ductless Systems:

Ductless systems can add to an existing centralized gas/AC/Heat Pump system or completely replace it.  There are a wide variety of options here, and our Home Comfort Consultant can discuss them with you.

Indoor Air Quality Options:

We have many options to deal with both your budget and desires for levels of air quality based on comfort or health needs.  We start with a basic 4” filter but can easily upgrade to an electronic air cleaner and/or an air scrubber.  Like ductless systems the Home Comfort Consultant can go over the costs and benefits of each option.

The Type Customer Evergreen is an Ideal Fit for!

If you are looking for a high quality Trane or Mitsubishi system installed by expertly trained union skilled technicians, sold and designed by a Home Comfort Consultant who will work closely with you on what exactly you want that will fit your budget, with a local family that will back its warranty for the entire 10-plus year life of the system; then you found the right company!

When Evergreen State is Likely Not a Good Fit for You:

Evergreen State is essentially a ‘dry side’ HVAC company.  We recommend plumbing outfits to do oilers and radiant systems.  We also stay away from fireplaces (gas, pellets, or wood).  We know what we are good at, and we stick with it.

If you are replacing your residential HVAC unit in order to sell your home (or within a year of selling your home) we might not be a good fit for you.  These situations are usually highly price sensitive, and our customers can always find someone cheaper to put in a system; even a Trane or Mitsubishi system, as the cost of the unit installed is only one of many factors.

Finally, if you want to economize by taking short cuts, not getting permits or inspections, etc. we are definitely not the contractor for you.  With every installation our reputation is on the line.

We do feel we are very cost effective when all life cycle costs, customer comfort and peace of mind are factored in.

What does working with Evergreen Look Like?:

At Evergreen we specialize in working with you during the installation design process for a system that you will enjoy for the next 15-20 years.  We focus on quality control before, during and after the installation to make sure we keep our promises.  And we back our installations with parts and labor warranties for up to 10 years depending on the system and customer’s budget.

The installation process:

It starts with having an excellent team of service technicians capable of ensuring your systems are operating at peak efficiency, and responding quickly if they are not.  We start off by having a technician meet you about a week after the installation in what we call a ‘walkthrough’ process where we review the system with you and make sure you fully understand key elements (filter, thermostat, power, warranty, etc.) and do a quick check to make sure the unit is operating correctly.

The post-installation process:

The manufacturers, both Trane & Mitsubishi, both offer parts warranties for 10 years on all models.  The labor warranty is even more important as labor is sometimes more expensive than the warrantied part.  We have a labor warranty program for up to 10 years.  This labor warranty requires annual maintenance (like an annual tune-up for your car) which also can be built into the initial price.

Our objective is to live ‘The Evergreen Difference’ where we are:

  • Transparent – You have no surprises with quality workmanship and outstanding professional service at a fair rate.
  • Humility – If we don’t do it right, we will make it right. Including if our vendors fail us.
  • Enduring – We will support you all through the process, and the life of the system.
  • Responsive – We will quickly meet your needs.