Is Evergreen Electrical a Good Fit for Me?

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So, you have decided to replace or upgrade your residential electrical system.  By now hopefully you have read our blog on How to Choose the Right Residential Electrical Contractor and we ‘made the cut’ and are part of your final two or three candidates to do the work.

We realize that we are not always the best fit for every project.  Our goal is helping customers find the best provider for themselves, a company of people they can trust and a price that meets their budget.  Our goal is to be transparent in this approach because we not only want to avoid wasting your time in meeting with us, but we also do not want to waste our time and resources creating a proposal that does not meet your needs.

This blog will cover the following:

What types of Products and Services does Evergreen State Provide?

All systems are determined and sized based on the specific home that you have.  Included in the work are all permitting, removal of old equipment, etc.

Main Panels

Many use us to replace a like-for-like panel that is either old or of bad manufacture (Federal Pacific or Zinsco).  Others want to upsize (or downsize) capacity.  We will match a panel to meet your needs and budget.


Many choices here.  As simple as a main panel disconnect (generator inlet) for a portable generator hook-up, or a permanent generator tie in that works from your gas line or propane tank.  This type of generator is sometimes sized to cover your refrigerator, HVAC, and master bedroom; but can be upsized to include your whole home.

Class 2 EV Car Chargers

This is our hottest and fastest growing market.

Rewiring & Lighting

We can do everything from upgrading a few outside lights to whole house rewiring.  Including custom lighting (can lights, undercabinet, and fan/lights)

Various Electrical Repairs

Need a couple electrical sockets replaced, or a need to trouble shoot loss of power, call us!

The Type of Customer Evergreen State is an Ideal Fit for!

If you are looking for any of the above projects performed to your specific needs and requirements, with all permits completed, you have found the right company.  We have 02 (residential) and 01 (commercial) electricians to meet your needs for both types of buildings.

When Evergreen State is Likely Not a Good Fit for You

If you want to economize by taking short cuts, not getting permits or inspections, etc. we are definitely not the contractor for you.  With every installation our reputation is on the line.

We do feel we are very cost effective when energy consumption, repair costs, customer comfort and peace of mind are factored in.


What Does Work with Evergreen State Look Like?

At Evergreen we specialize in working with you during the installation design process for a system that you will enjoy for the next 15-20 years.  We focus on quality control before, during and after the installation to make sure we keep our promises.  And we back our installations with parts and labor warranties for up to 5-years depending on the system and customer’s budget.


The Installation Process

For panels, car chargers, major rewiring’s, and generators we will come out for a layout process to better understand what is there and finalize any proposal.  Once the work is completed, we will do an onsite walk through with you, so you understand how it all works.


The Post-Installation Process

The labor warranty is even more important as labor is sometimes more expensive than the warrantied part.  We have a labor warranty program for up to 5 years on generators, Car Chargers and Main Panels.  This labor warranty sometimes requires annual maintenance (like an annual tune-up for your car) which also can be built into the initial price.


Our objective is to live ‘The Evergreen Difference’ where we are

  • Transparent – You have no surprises with quality workmanship and outstanding professional service at a fair rate.
  • Humility – If we don’t do it right, we will make it right. Including if our vendors fail us.
  • Enduring – We will support you all through the process, and the life of the system.
  • Responsive – We will quickly meet your needs.