A Proper HVAC Sales & Installation Process

HVAC Sales & Installation Process

There are three blogs that every prospective customer of Evergreen State Heat & AC should read (or watch the video); how to choose the right residential HVAC contractor, how much does a new residential HVAC system cost, and this blog on the sales and installation process.

Professional Pre-Sales Process:

  • It starts with the customer service representative (CSR) who answers the phone and asks intelligent questions so both you and the Energy Consultant are prepared for a productive meeting.
  • Before the meeting we would like you not only to see this blog (and the video we have made) but also educate yourself on options and ballpark pricing so the meeting can be conducted smoothly. You are free to call the office back if you have any questions, and the Energy Consultant will confirm that you are ready to meet before coming to your home to review the application and better understand your needs.  This looks like homework for you the customer, and yes, it is, but when it is done everyone is happier.

Professional Sales Process:

  • The optimal term here is professional. Many companies will send an Energy Consultant out with a two-hour presentation about ‘how-great-they-are’ followed by a marathon conversation that will not end until they have a check-in-hand, or you threaten bodily harm to them such that they leave.  You will never have one of our Home Comfort Consultants disrespect you like that.  Their job is to educate you, and help you make the best decision possible with your new HVAC system.  If we are not the ideal provider because of our set of skills or we cannot meet your budget, the meeting will be over, no hard feelings either way.
  • These meetings are best started in the living room or dining room table where you and the Energy Consultant can discuss: the problems you are currently having; your desires for the ideal new system; the timeline of when you want it installed; and your target budget as well as desired financing options if cash is not an optimal option.
  • Once the Home Comfort Consultant understands your needs, he will review a big picture of your home, starting with approximating a heat loss/gain of the home envelope, then review your ductwork for applicable sizing. These are important steps, and ones that are frequently skipped even by top HVAC contractors.  Many of these contractors want to avoid ‘messing around’ with duct revisions which are critical for an optimally run system as they know that duct repairs are the least profitable component of new HVAC systems.
  • Finally, the Energy Consultant needs to review the indoor and outdoor unit locations to ensure that the systems can be properly installed, meeting both your needs and municipal requirements.
  • Once the review is complete the Energy Consultant will complete a proposal at your home and usually e-mail it to you right then (sometimes additional research is needed). If all works out and you are ready, we can get paperwork signed and scheduled.  If you need more time, we will understand that also.

Pre-Installation Process:

  • Once you decide to use us, we will need you to complete the contract signatures and give us a 50% down payment to cover our vendor costs for equipment and materials. Our Installation Coordinator will work with you on timing, as well will need available installers, permits in place, and equipment delivered to our yard.
  • The lead installer (and possibly electrician) will show up a couple days before the installation for specific measurements (they will have pictures and information from the Energy Consultant but always need their own eyes on the application before starting).
  • The office will ensure permits and all equipment is in place before starting.
  • Our expectation is that you have cleaned out the areas where our units are going for easy access.

Installation Process:

  • In most cases the job will be complete in one to two days, the Installation Coordinator will notify you if this is insufficient.
  • Work will commence and once completed the lead installer will do a quick review of the system with you, so you know how it basically operates (more on this later). We usually collect the balance at this time.

Post-Installation Process:

  • On AC & HP systems the Installation Coordinator will schedule a technician to meet you within a week or two of the installation for what is called a ‘walkthrough’. Here the technician will review the system to make sure all is in proper working order and go over the controls and operation with you, so you fully understand the system.  The technician will collect at that time if not performed previously.
  • The office will register your equipment with the manufacturer for the parts warranty, and for annual maintenance to extend your labor warranty yearly (if applicable).
  • You will be entered into our system for annual maintenance (always necessary for ensuring warranty on both parts and labor).

If done properly, finding the right HVAC contractor will take a bit of time.  This is a two-decade commitment if done properly.  And if done properly the upfront price might not be ideal, but the life cycle costs will be optimized when energy and repairs are factored, as well as comfort and peace of mind.  We wish you the best on your journey and will help you in any way we can in the meantime.